Phoenix from the flames

There is a reason for this title, the closing ceremony for the London 2012 Olympics was Sunday night and above the Olympic flame rose a Phoenix.  I thought this quite apt on a London/Great Britain level and on a personal level and the image has stayed with me since.
On a London/Great Britain level because we had so many doubters as to whether we could hold the Olympics in this country, was we ready for it, would the buildings be ready and adequate? Could we get any medals? Transport issues or strikes despite extra money being paid to many people?  Would we fall flat on our face at a great cost in a very public way? Well the answer is WE DID GREAT!!!! Not only finishing 3rd in the medal table but I am happy to say we held one of the most successful Olympics ever. No security issues, no strikes, no riots, I was proud as the whole country came together and we can hold our heads high as Great Britain was on the map and we showed a comeback!  I was actually thanked by an American whilst away after the opening ceremony, he said “thank you for that great opening ceremony and thank you for holding what will be a great Olympics”, I felt proud!
On a personal level the Phoenix was an image of how I have risen above issues and adversity and I am still here and still strong. I may have a wobble every now and again but thanks to the people around me I can pick myself up and carry on. People come and people go but I am lucky to have my loved ones to count on and I know I am loved.  The Phoenix right now is me getting my health and study back on track. It shows that we all have a chance to rise again despite what is up against us.

It was sad when the flame went out though, 16 days of brilliant sport in the UK and some great athletes who should be an inspiration to us all.  However, we haven’t even seen the full story because  the para-Olympics start on 29th August and we will see not only another set of great sports men and women but people who have overcome so much, they are like a phoenix rising from the flames too and I will look forward to following these games when they start.

Things never are straightforward, a small niggle with my car turns into a new car purchased.  Ho hum so much for me saving money when back from holiday.
Well it may save me money as I am downgrading engine size and back to petrol instead of diesel (diesel has got so expensive recently) and I hope these downgrades will reflect in money saved further down the line.

On the book front I have just finished Junk by Melvin Burgess , it is part of my reading list for my Open University EA300 Children’s Literature course starting in October.  Firstly I would not call it a typical children’s book, as the title suggests its about junk in other words drugs, also deals with the subject of child runaways and more sordid subjects.  However, even though I was reading it under ‘duress’ I found that I was drawn into it and as the story moved on I wanted to know what happened next.  A good read told from different perspectives and at times very unnerving and I am not even a parent, had I been a parent I could be worried!  This book won both the Guardian Fiction Award and the Carnegie Medal and I can see why and I will read it again when all my studies are over as it was a good read.  Available from Amazon from this link and its probably available from other book shops!

On the gym front I have been busy:
Today was an hour spin class followed by a PT session with Mike. We completed the following:
Leg press40kg 20 reps 4 sets, between each set alt step/shin reach of 20 reps.
Pulldown 15kg 20 reps 4 sets, between each set lat step/shin reach of 20 reps
Chest press 5kg 20 reps 4 sets, between each set touch toes then up to ceiling of 20 reps
Power plate squats for a minute set at 30 and low
Power plate massage

My heart rate monitor had stopped working so I have no clue on how many calories I have burnt during these two sessions but I felt good despite my lack of exercise recently.  Although I did feel shattered after spin and felt that I could have bailed on the PT session but glad I had booked it and held strong.

Have a good week!


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