Damage limitation

So back from holiday, suffering a little with jet lag but ready to get on with life back in the middle lane until September when life moves quickly into the fast lane.

So things I need to complete or start before I start work on 3 September.

1-start new gym routine
2-finish TMA06 for E303 (current open university level 3 module)
3-start ECM for E303
4-read books for EA300 (final open university level 3 module)
5-organise work filofax
6-organise house
7-start Slimming World
8-plan a starter for new school

Doesn’t seem much when I write them down but they are big goals and I don’t have as much time as I would have liked.  The title says it all for me, I know that this time next year I want to fit into and feel good/look good in a Hollister bikini!!!

I haven’t weighed myself yet, I plan to weigh in on Sunday and see what weight I have added whilst being on holiday, I am not strong enough to see it right now and my body is all over the place with the jet lag.  So weighing in right now would have the chance to tip me over the edge and give up before I have even started.  However, I have booked up gym classes for next week and I hope its the kick start I need to get into a routine.

On the gym front I am annoyed, I booked an aqua class for Thursday morning to start my new routine, I got into the pool with the others and waited and waited, 10 minutes later we were advised that the instructor was on holiday and cover has not been arranged therefore class was now cancelled.  So annoyed as I didn’t have my swimming stuff with me goggles etc and as I was in the pool I could have gone onto the gym floor if I had my gym stuff with me.  I went off fuming and did a steam room session instead.  I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come at David Lloyd, we have had issues before but recently things had been OK, I don’t want to start looking around for a different gym that puts people first.
Booked for next week:
Monday RPM and PT session
Tuesday Zone Cycling
Wednesday RPM
Thursday Yoga and Zumba
Friday Spin and Zumba

I have PT session today, not looking forward to it but I have to get back on the wagon and reverse the damage.

Whilst on holiday I did plenty of reading thanks to the joys of kindle, I plan to post about good books worth reading in the future on this blog in the meantime this is what was read whilst I was away:

ASBO: A Novel of Extreme Terror by Iain Rob Wright – A fictional story that could be fact, worrying and frightening insight into what ‘could’ happen in the real world.

Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson – Amazing book that I could not put down, repetitive to start with for good reason with a fantastic twist to the plot.

Broadmoor Revealed: Victorian Crime and the Lunatic Asylum by Mark Stevens – A brilliant insight to why Broadmoor was built and some of the inmates from the early days, factual and interesting.

The Crew by Dougie Brimson – Started off well, all about football violence in the 1990’s but thought the ending was disappointing.

Inflight Science: A Guide to the World from your Airplane Window – Read whilst on my flight to Mexico.  A great little read and almost put my fears about flying to bed.  Lots of facts about inside and outside a plane and around the airport.

Its Your Time You’re Wasting by Frank Chalk – Written by a supply teacher brilliant insight in how some schools are and the children within them.  Good reasons behind behaviour by kids and staff, eye opener when you realise that some of the things described in the book happen for real.

London by Tube: A History of the Underground Station Names by David Revill – Bit of an underground geek after travelling on it for many years and wanted to understand some of the history.  Was also a cheap book for the kindle and pleased I purchased it before the Olympics so I could gain knowledge of the east end.

Shadow Of The Minotaur by Alan Gibbons – It was a ‘have to read for work book’ wasn’t looking forward to it but once started I found it enjoyable.  Good for boys if they are reluctant readers and with more than a nod to Greek mythology anyone who has an interest in that field should enjoy it.

I know my taste is different to others but I have found some good reads by looking at what others are reading via kindle ratings and will continue to search out good and different books to read.

Wishing you all a good weekend.


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