Nearly panicking

Time is ticking on dear reader, as I write I have 2 1/2 days left in my current employment before having a 6 week break and starting in September, somewhere new.  So where is the panic you ask? Allow me to explain……….

Putting a football spin on it I have it in my head that my new employment is the premier league of places and I have almost been promoted up a few divisions overnight, like going from a pub league to premiership in one swoop.  I almost feel as if I am not worthy but now it’s all happening I can’t let them down and I won’t either.  It means hard work and maybe long hours but I hope the rewards will pay off when I need them to.  With this in mind I need to get even more organised than before so I will be reviewing new ways of organisation during the break and also tweaking my current work filofax set up as I need to be on top of my game.  Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

My second form of panic is my EMA proposal I have to do for the OU, again on the face of it why am I panicking after all I have been studying with the OU since 2009?? Again allow me to explain I need to choose a topic on something that has been covered by the course and write 3000 knowledgeable words on said topic.  Problem being is that my mind is blank at the moment and before I embark on holiday next week I need to have a few ideas in mind so I can start research whilst away.  I have spent days reviewing topics and books but have drawn a blank.  I could write about 1000 on anything but 3 times as much I don’t think so.
I guess I have to just keep looking in the hopes that something in the next 2 days come to mind.  After which panic will set in and that will be no good to anyone.

So back to my current situation, 2 1/2 days left hmmmm let me think about it for a second, am I sad to be going?  I am in some ways, I will miss the lovely ladies I work with and most of the students but there are many things I won’t miss.  The lack of focus and team bonding being one and a sense of ‘them and us’ being the other both killers to a persons morale in any work place but even worse in an education establishment as the students also have the same treatment and lack of support and that’s not on.
This place prides itself on its ethos but over the past year this has faded somewhat and whereas I would have done anything for this place a year ago the situation has changed now.  I am not sure if the change was as a result of turning to Academy status or to the change of outlook by the staff expecting the change of status to affect them.  I have also discovered some things in recent days that have not show the some members of staff in a good light in some cases some actions have been morally wrong and the least I have to deal with that the better.  Karma will sort those people out and I would have moved on by then!
I am not going to turn this into a rant about here, I will be forever grateful for the chances given to me by this place and there are some wonderful talented people here, I hope the 1 or 2 rotten apples wont affect the good people.  I will miss this place but like the students in year 11, they move on and so should I.
The change in job means a change of wardrobe, thanks to the brilliant sales that have been on I have been able to update lots of key pieces this past month, the best sale has to be Monsoon 50% off, so stocked up on trousers, skirts and blouses.  There are sales everywhere and I have been lucky to get most of what I need before going away, the rest I will sort out if I need to when back but at least that’s not to panic about as its not essential.

Once back from my holiday I need to get focused again on the things that will help me come September, I have already mentioned organisation but I also need to get back into a routine in the gym.  These last few months have been dreadful what with one thing or another; I am now finding that my health has got a little worse than before.  I am suffering from headaches more and tiredness but unable to sleep through a whole night.  Hoping that exercise will straighten my issues out.  I intend to hit the gym whilst away but new routine will start when back!!

So there you go dear reader panic and mayhem for just a few more days, then I hope for a relaxing time before I am up against it again in September


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