Back in control (nearly)

Back in the land of the living after a whirlwind of a break in the States. Focus is currently very much on getting myself back in the right time zone and back to gym and work.

I spent a few hours of my flight thinking about some shoes I had seen in Monsoon before I had come away and I know this would be breaking a resolution but if they are in the sale I would just have to have them, perfect for the new look I hope to achieve this year. Black with a heel and platform, very smart and would work well dressed up or with jeans.
However before the shoe buying commences I will have to get used to the shoes I purchased at Nine West, a lovely leopard print with a platform hopefully making me look long and leaner lol.

Also before anything else it’s back to the gym, I have a PT session booked with the wonderful Mike Wednesday and I am booking classes for the rest of the week, need to get back into the spin class and I need to be slightly flexible so it’s Pilates on a Friday for me.

2012 is now in play and there are many paths to travel this year and each path must count.


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