Out with the old and in with the new

How many blogs will have this title I wonder?

2011 has been an interesting year full of highs and lows but I am pleased to report that there were more highs than lows thank goodness. One of the highs for me was joining a new gym, it was the turning point for me into getting fitter and healthy.

I am also pleased to report that my university studies with the OU are still continuing and I passed many modules this year including one with a nasty exam. I also passed my GCSE maths with a pretty decent grade, now why couldn’t I have done that at 16??

My job is still very fulfilling and does keep me on my toes, no two days are the same, however, in this past year the politics both within the school and within the country as a whole have had some impacts on me. I keep clear of politics at work, there can be some back biting and I like to think I am above all that but still it goes on and try as I might I get caught. A resolution for 2012 is to avoid the internal politics and keep my head above water as I love my job and nothing should be allowed to ruin it.

The year is nearly over and I am pleased that I have spent Christmas with the family. The family situation has changed greatly this year, what was known at the beginning of the year is vastly different at the end. The family saga is perhaps the greatest rollercoaster of the year, it rivals Eastenders sometimes (without the B&B fire christmas storyline). You can’t pick your family it is true but sometimes you just need to front the situation and sort it. If it doesn’t get sorted then there is always a chance to walk away, harsh I know but sometimes it has to happen.

So resolutions have been mentioned above and now I am going to put in writing what I would like to achieve in 2012. Being in writing means I have to keep to it right?

!. Continue with the gym

2.Keep up the studying

3.Try not to buy as much make up/clothes/shoes this year.(I know I wont keep this one)

4. Keep away from work politics

5. Continue to be myself!

So lastly here is an image of 201 that meant a lot to me to see us all out. It was taken at the Imperial War Museum and it is part of the Berlin Wall, apt after seeing what I saw inside and a message that is meaningful for a new year.

Happy New Year to all.

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